Significance of feeding crows in India

Why feed crows
Feeding Crows

Feeding Crows

I was staying with my Aunt Laxmi Hiranandani who, as a ritual used to feed Crows while sipping her morning tea in the balcony. The sight was simply beautiful. Her affinity with them is like a mother. Crows used to anxiously wait and call her with their caw - caw. Within seconds an entire community of crows used assemble and finish the treats within seconds. Such love and affection crows had with my Aunt, that I have seen a crow coming inside her bedroom and call her with their caw - caw.

As they were not used to seeing me, it was natural for them to be at bay from me. However, I managed to befriend them and one morning tried to stretch my hand out with pieces on Marie biscuits. It took quite some time but my patience paid off till one of them ventured to feed from my hand. Oh!, it was a blissful feeling.

Significance of feeding Crows in Hindu Religion

Crows are considered as the most intelligent bird. According to Hindu religion, there is a belief that crows represent the form of our ancestors. As such crows play major role in linking the dead and the living people.
When one feeds crows, it is believed that they in turn take or carry the food to our dead ancestors or relatives. This practice of feeding our ancestors through the crow is known as Sraddha or Shraddh.
Swami Krishnanada of Divine Life Society, has narrated beautifully in his discourse "Prayer for Departed Souls: Its Purpose and Prequisites"
Significance of feeding crows in India
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