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If you love expressing your experiences of travel in words, traveling and lastly sharing, then you have indeed reached the perfect platform.

At Blogsfocus, it's not necessary for you to be a professional writer or a content expert by profession. I believe that If I can mange, you can do it better. 

By sharing, we contribute to the community and help people in general especially those who are looking for that piece of information which will make them better equipped with resources to travel.

Do you want to be a part of this feeling? Then just get ready with the below to contribute your article.

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Please observe the below steps for sharing your travel experience in words:

  1. Send me this very simple form 
  2. I will contact you via email to provide the article if it relates to travels in India. If you have clicked some quality pictures, then great. Email it with the article. Lastly, please send me your Head-shot and your choice of Social Link to give you the credits for your article.
  3. Lastly, Articles must be original pieces not published on any blogs, websites, or other sources

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