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What is Blogsfocus all about?

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It truly feels good to welcome guests.

Thanks for knocking at the doors of blogsfocus, you must be wondering what is this focus all about?

Blogsfocus focus on bloggers who dedicate their blogs travelling to different destinations in India. So, here I bring the bloggers and their blogs to limelight.

I have put my focus on India Travel blogs by compiling live web pages of individual bloggers onto one platform, blogsfocus.com. In doing so, I'm trying to make it easy for you to narrow your search on information's related to vast destinations in India.

I will be happy to know and learn from you through your suggestions and comments.

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About Me

I enjoy being amidst nature as much as I can while balancing myself with family and daily chores of life. I love animals and enjoy the company of my pet dog 'Daffy'. Having worked in Hospitality Industry for 37 years and having a natural flair with technology, I'm now taking it easy and enjoy doing what I love; that is engaging myself with, photography, web designing, playing around with Adobe platforms , and videography.

When I'm stuck with any of the above projects, I refer to Almighty Google and manage to find solutions after many trials and errors. As such, I tend to spend too much time with my Laptop, thus upsetting my darling wife in the process.

I'm passionate about travelling as a common man, engaging with local ways and means, thus keeping me happy, grounded and contended.

  • - - -Vijay Malkani- - -